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Datataker Connection

Datataker is one of the famous data collection equipment in the world. One of the university in Hong Kong using our GSM modems to connect with the Datataker equipments to collect the data from the remote site to the headquarter.

Our client places the Datataker in countryside and rural area to collect the data from the Datataker. It is difficult and expensive to establish the fixed line network in those rural areas. Our GSM modems FM35i provide the best solution for them. The Datataker can be connected with our GSM modem with the RS232 interface. The users only need to open up the CSD data line services with the mobile operator for the SIM card. Then you can collect the data from the Datataker remotely with the RS232 interface and the GSM network. If the data size is relatively large, you can use our GPRS DTU, FD39i to communicate by the GPRS network in order to gain a faster performance.


1.      Get connect with the Datataker remotely to collect the data

2.      Save the cost for setting up the expensive lease line circuit

3.      High security for remote control (Only define MSISDN can be get connected.

4.      Easy to setup

5.      Low cost of ownership


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