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Modem Pool

Modem Pool is a pool of GSM or GPRS modems that integrates with 4 or 8 of GSM or GPRS modems together in one single box. The modem pool provides an efficiency way for management of numbers of modems. They have the same function with GSM and GPRS modem in functionality. You can use “AT Command” to control each of the modems in the modem pool. The modem pool has one interface to connect to your PC or Server. There are three kinds of interface to choose: USB, com port (RS232) or Ethernet. The strong and tough case can let you to apply to different critical environment for example high temperature and high electric magnetic field environment. It is the idle solution for large scale of production in wireless communication.


Basic usage of GPRS industrial modem:

-          Send and Receive SMS & MMS

-          WAP

-          Voice communication

-          Getting Caller ID

-          Fax Data communication

-          CSD Data Communication


4 Ports GSM Modem Pool

-GSM Modem Pool
-With 4 GSM Modems inside
-Com Port or USB model
-SMS, Voice, CSD Data

4 Ports GPRS Modem Pool

-GPRS Modem Pool
-Built in 4 GPRS Modems
-Com port RS232 or USB

8 Ports GSM Modem Pool

-GSM modem pool
-Built in 8 GSM Modems
-Com Port or Ethernet model
-Support SMS,Voice,CSD Data

8 Ports GPRS Modem Pool

-GPRS modem pool
-Built in 8 GPRS Modems
-Com Port or Ethernet model
-Support SMS,MMS,WAP,Voice,GPRS

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