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FO35A Relay GSM Modem
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FO35A is a multi-function Relay GSM Modem. It can be used in different areas for example Remote control for homehold, industrial, factory and security application. It combines the relay, dry contact on & off , buzzer electricity appliance functions with the GSM SMS and voice functions. Relay GSM modem is provided with two Relays, 4 sets of Dry Contact on & off circuit, one RS232 (com port) interface and buzzer. FO35A can be used for remote access control , home automation, gate open and close and security alarm.
We can provide tailor make system design and application of Relay GSM Modem hardware solution to meet the need of our customer.


Relay GSM Modem FO35A Application:

A.     Voice dial-in on-off remote control for Home automation and Access control
Relay GSM modem can be pre-set with numbers of dial-in caller ID. Pre-set phone in mobile number can open or close the relay, it is capable to control the relays to open and close or restore to the original status by vocal dial-in. It also provided with time scheduler which allow the pre-setting the activation period for the dial-in automation function of the system.

B.      SMS  remote on-off control for Home automation and Access control
     Relay GSM model accepts SMS from pre-defined dialer to conduct similar on-off control
     activities and inquire system status as the same as the vocal dial-in operation.

C.    Alarm System for home and factory
There are four dry contact circuits in the Relay GSM Modem.  The GSM Modem will be under alarm mode when the dry contact is triggered. Under the alarm mode, buzzer on the modem will be activated. On the other hand, the Relay GSM modem will issue an SMS and/or dial-up automatically to the pre-defined mobile numbers.  Triggering of individual dry contact circuit initiates a specific alarm action pre-defined by user.




Product characteristics: 
-    RS232(Com Port) interface
-     GSM900-1800 & GSM900-1900
-          Send and receive SMS
-          Relay
-          Dry Contact on & off control
-          Control through com port by AT command
-          DC 5-24V
-          Dry Contact buzzer alert by SMS and Voice Call
-          Relay on off control by voice dial in and SMS send in.
-          RS232 data communication




  FO35A Contains
-FO35A main unit
 -Com Port RS232 cable

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