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Fi35 GSM Modem
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FI-35 GSM Industrial modem is an idle solution for M2M applications. It has a tough industrial iron case which can be used in any industrial area. It is a highly flexible plug and play Dual-band GSM 900- 1800 / GSM 900-1900 modem. It has the same function as GSM modem FM35. It’s direct and easy integration with RS232 serial interface or USB interface, makes this device perfect solution for system integrators and single user on SMS, Voice or data communication.

You can Insert a GSM SIM card into this modem, and connect the modem to an available serial port or USB port of your computer system. It is also programmable with AT command.  


General usage of Industrial GSM modem:

-          Send and Receive SMS

-          Voice communication

-          Getting Caller ID

-          Fax Data

-          Circuit Switch Data(CSD) Communication

-          Server or PC connection on sending or receiving of SMS

-          Support SMS alert on network monitoring tools(e.g. What’s Up)

Basic Features

-          Com Port/RS232 or USB interface

-          Dual band (GSM 900/1800 and GSM 900/1900 MHz )

-          Designed for SMS, Fax and voice applications 

-          AT command to control and program

-          Support windows 95/ 98/ ME/XP/7/2000/2003 /2008 or Linux operation systems

-          Com Port - RS232 with external power supply


SMS Function:

-          Support AT command

-          Text and PDU

-          Point-to-point (MT/MO)

-          SMS broadcast

Voice Function:

-          Voice Call through mobile network

-          Full duplex and half duplex rate

-          Enhanced full rate (EFR)

-          Double sound multi- frequencies function (DTMF)

-          Basic handsfree operation

-          Echo cancellation

-          Noise reduction


-          CSD up to 9.6 kbps

-          USSD

-          Non transparent mode

-          V.42bis compression

-          V.110

-          Autobauding



-          -Group 3 Class 2


FI-35 Industrial GSM modem Available Interface  

Com Port - RS232

-  GSM Modem main unit
-  Com Port cable with RJ11 cable
-  Power Supply AC 110 – 240 power Supply
-  SMA Antenna
-  Manual CD

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